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This week, we are featuring a “Serie A TIM” Box Draw Agent that can sign players from the top flight of Italian football.
The Agent can help sing 298 players from the league. What’s more, 2 other currently active players from other leagues are yours to sign, for a total of 300 players available through this Agent!
A majority of the clubs that belong to Serie A TIM are renowned for their tactical prowess, so don’t miss this chance to add some seasoned Italian superstars to your squad!


10/05/2021 02:00 – 13/05/2021 01:59 (UTC)


*Player and Club data are frequently synchronised with real world football through Live Updates. Due to how frequently these changes occur, we suggest you check each Agent’s list of available players before use.
*Agents that have the same name as previously available Agents may not necessarily be able to sign the same players.
*All players in the Box have an equal probability of being obtained.
*If you are disconnected while the player signing animation is playing, you will still obtain a player according to the pre-set odds displayed in-game. You can check which players you’ve signed from [Club House] > [My Team] > [Players].
*Press the “Reset” button to restore the number of players in the Box to its default amount.
*Provided you do not reset, you will not obtain duplicate players from this Box Draw. However, you may obtain identical players to those you already own.
*Your progress in this Box Draw will not be carried over to any other Box Draws.
*Updates to the app or Live Update changes may affect (including increase, decrease, add or delete) the player data (player name, Overall Rating, appearance, position, stats, skills, tactics, league, team emblem, nationality/region, etc.) of players you have already signed.
*The popularity of players is subject to change depending on whether they were acquired before or after an update.
*You can check the list of “Available Players” by pressing the magnifying glass icon in the bottom-left of each agent’s panel.
*League changes and licensing issues may result in players that you have already signed becoming unavailable in the game.
*Exact start and end times may be affected by maintenance.

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