Earn GP, Special Trainers and other rewards by collecting Event Points in this event. And don’t forget, the more points you collect – the better the rewards!
Additionally, this event has Rapid Reward Zones, meaning that the intervals between 10,000 and 13,000 points, and 20,000 and 23,000 points will grant you rewards more regularly than usual.
You might also get the opportunity to play in an Invitational Match during the event. Don’t fret if you lose the first time around, because the difficulty will be automatically lowered so that you have a better chance to beat it the next time it appears for you.
All in all, this event is an excellent opportunity to earn some amazing rewards – so don’t miss out!


10/05/2021 02:00 – 17/05/2021 01:59 (UTC)


*Event bonuses and event conditions are based on the most recent player data in the game.
*Event Points are only valid in the event within the Tour Event in which they were earned.
*Only matches that finished during the event period are counted towards the rewards you can obtain.
*The event schedule and details are subject to change without prior warning.
*If any user is deemed to have breached the User Agreement, we will enact the appropriate measures as set out in the Agreement itself.
*Unscheduled maintenance may be held without prior notice to deal with urgent issues.
*New matches cannot be started from 15 minutes before maintenance is scheduled to begin.
*If maintenance is underway when a match ends, you may sometimes be unable to receive any rewards and the result may not be counted in your match records.
*Exact start and end times may be affected by maintenance.

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